Beer Making Starter Kit

Beer Brewing Starter Kit

This beer making starter kit includes the specialized equipment you will need to brew your own beer at home. Unlike many other starter kits this one includes an auto siphon for easy transferring, a dedicated bottling bucket and bottle filler, a bottle capper and cleaning brush, a sample thief with a test jar and hydrometer and Five Star cleaner and sanitizer.

Equipment Kit includes:
6-gallon fermenting bucket and Lid
6-gallon bottling bucket

Bottle Filler
Siphon valve
Auto-Siphon 3/8"
5' siphon hose and shut off valve
Sample jar
Bottle brush
Bottle capper made of metal
Liquid crystal thermometer
PBW cleaner 5 STAR
Bung #6.5
Bottling spigot 3/8"
Glass Thermometer
18" high temperature plastic spoon
Sample Thief
Sanitizer IO STAR

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