Fermentis Safbrew Abbaye (BE-256) Dry Beer Yeast

Fermentis SafAle BE-256 (formerly known as Abbaye) is a yeast strain known for its ability to produce a variety of Belgian style beers. It is characterized by its high fermentation performance and enhancement of spicy, fruity, and peppery notes typical of Belgian ales.

  • Recommended Fermentation Temperature: BE-256 has a recommended fermentation temperature range of 18-26C.

  • Attenuation: This yeast exhibits high attenuation, generally around 82-86%, enabling the production of beers with a drier finish.

  • Alcohol Tolerance: SafAle BE-256 has a high alcohol tolerance, approximately up to 11%, which makes it well-suited for stronger Belgian ale styles.

Suitable Beer Styles: Fermentis BE-256 is well-suited for a variety of Belgian style ales, including but not limited to:

  • Belgian Dubbel
  • Belgian Tripel
  • Belgian Quad
  • Belgian Strong Golden Ale
  • Belgian Strong Dark Ale
  • Saison

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